May 18, 2024

Yoga Write for Us

Yoga Write for Us: If you believed that yoga was solely about contorting your body, it’s time to reconsider. Yoga entails much more. To put it simply, yoga is taking care of your body, mind, and breath.

Yoga, a 5,000-year-old corpus of Indian wisdom, derives from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” meaning “to combine or integrate.” Yoga focuses on bringing the body, mind, and breath into harmony through various pranayamas, yoga asanas (yoga positions), and meditation.

yoga write for us

5 Benefits of Yog

1. Yoga increases flexibility, balance, and strength.

While holding a position can help improve strength, slow, deep breathing and movement warm up muscles and enhance blood flow.

Try it: Tree Pose

Hold the other foot at a right angle to your calf or above the knee (never on the knee) as you balance on one foot. While you balance for a minute, try to concentrate on one area in front of you.

2. Yoga helps with back pain relief.

Yoga is just as effective as simple stretching when it comes to reducing pain and enhancing mobility in those with lower back pain. The American College of Physicians suggests yoga as a first-line treatment for persistent low back pain.

Try it: Cat-Cow Pose

Go down on all fours and position your hands and knees so that they are under your shoulders and hips, respectively. First, breathe in a while, allowing your tummy to droop toward the floor. After that, exhale while drawing your navel towards your spine and arching your back like a cat stretching.

3. Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms.

According to a Johns Hopkins assessment of 11 recent research, gentle yoga has been demonstrated to lessen some discomfort associated with painful, swollen joints for people with arthritis.

4. Yoga benefits heart health.

Regular yoga may lower stress and overall inflammatory levels, promoting heart health. Yoga can also be used to treat a number of the hazard factors for heart disease, such as excessive blood pressure and obesity.

Try it: Downward Dog Pose

Go down on all fours, tuck your toes under, and raise your sitting bones to create a triangle-shaped position. Maintain a small knee bend and stretch your spine and tailbone simultaneously.

5. Yoga reduces you to helps you sleep better.

According to research, practicing bedtime yoga regularly might help you set the correct mood and get your body ready for sleep.

Try It: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Keep your back on the floor and your sitting bones near the wall by sitting with your left side against a wall, turning softly to your right, and lifting your legs to rest against the wall. For five to fifteen minutes, you can stay in this position.

yoga write for us

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